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Floret Premium

Start saving to floret. Plans from $24.99/year.

Go Premium through iOS client

Powerful Search

Find exactly what you’re looking for by searching full-text, topics, tags, authors, and more.

Permanent Library

Floret keep a permanent copy of what you save(the webcontent and images)in Microsoft data centre, so it’s always accessible. Even the orignal website is offline or webpages be can view your saved items.

Key Features



Save from anywhere, including your browser and apps
Automatically syncs across your phone, tablet, and computer
Offline viewing of articles and webpages on your phone
Search by Title or URL
Awesome Customer Support
Personal backup of all the articles and webpages you’ve saved(in markdown file format with images)
Suggested Tags for quick organization
Search by Full-Text, Tag, Author, or Topic
Access to Advanced Search Operators
Sort Search Results by Relevance or Date Saved
View Recent Searches
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