How to use floret

If you’re new to the site, take a look at the tour of Floret to get familiar with floret’s features.

You may also want to look at the list of useful Floret resources.

If you get stuck, send me email or find me on Twitter.

Ways to Floret

Browser Extension

Floret support all the Modern Web Browser
(Chrome Firefox Safari Opera Edge)

You can Save, Archive, Remove, Fav, UnFav and Tag Items with browser extensions.

Web Portal

Access Web Portal


In order to be able save items from your ios devices, you must enable the iOS APP Extension. you can do this when you first launch your floret APP or later.


Tags are the main way to organize and label your items in floret. Tags can be of any length, and can contain any character.

Tags are not case-sensitive, but they will display the way you entered them.

By default, tags display in the order they were entered.

Importing Bookmarks

floret lets you import your existing bookmarks from most anywhere.

First, you’ll need to export your bookmarks into a file that floret can read. Here’s how to export bookmarks from some common places:

Once you’ve exported your bookmarks, go to the settings page on floret, choose the ‘import tab’, and upload the file there.

Your bookmarks should import within no more than five minutes. If there are duplicates in your import file, floret will ignore them (so it’s safe to import the same thing multiple times).

Exporting your bookmarks

You can export your bookmarks in XML, JSON, or Netscape Bookmarks format from the export page.