Floret Premium: Full-Text Search


Full-Text Search is part of Floret Premium. To subscribe to Floret Premium, click here.

Full-Text Search provides fast and powerful search functionality that’s unlocked with Floret Premium. When you search after upgrading, Floret will search through the entire content of every item you’ve saved, making it extremely easy to find what you’re looking for.

Please Note: You must be online to use Full-Text Search. While offline, you can use standard search to find items with their title and URL.

How is this different from free Floret accounts?

In the free version of Floret, searches are limited to title and URL only.

With a Premium upgrade, you can search the full text of articles to get more detailed, accurate results, just like when you search using Google. In addition, you can search by tags, topics, authors.

By popular demand, it’s now possible to search for Tags that have been added to items in your list. You can even enter multiple tags at once to hone your search even more.

Recent Searches

Floret Premium will remember your five most recent searches so you can easily return to the list of results. Plus, these recent searches will sync across your Floret apps so you can continue a search on another device or computer.

Advanced Search Operators

To find precisely what you’re looking for, you can craft advanced searches using Boolean operators.


Listed below are the search operators we support, with quick examples showing how they may be used:

Operator Example Explanation
OR #:superman OR #:batman Find items with either tag
AND #:superman AND #:batman Find items that include both tags
NOT #:superman NOT #:batman Find items that include the first tag but not the second tag
“sample” “superman vs. batman” Find the exact phrase
#:+sample #:+batman Requires that the search results include this tag
#:-sample #:-superman Requires that the search results do not include this tag
#:tag #:golang Find items that have a certain tag
tag:tag tag:golang Find items that have a certain tag
#:”one tag” #:”cloud native” Find items that have a certain multi-word tag
tag:”one tag” tag:”cloud native” Find items that have a certain multi-word tag
Site:www.examplesite.com Site:www.examplesite.com Find items for a website

Note: The OR, AND and NOT operators must be typed in ALL CAPS.



A query is broken up into terms and operators. There are two types of terms: Single Terms and Phrases.

A Single Term is a single word such as “test” or “hello”.

A Phrase is a group of words surrounded by double quotes such as “hello dolly”.

Multiple terms can be combined together with Boolean operators to form a more complex query (see below).


When performing a search you can either specify a field, or use the default field (Title Tags and Full-Text). The field names and default field is implementation specific.

NOTE: you can not omit a field, if you are using operators.

You can search any field by typing the field name followed by a colon “:” and then the term you are looking for.

As an example, If you want to find the document entitled “The Right Way” which contains the text “don’t go this way”, you can enter:

title:”The Right Way” AND text:go


title:”Do it right” AND right


Since text is the default field, the field indicator is not required.

Note: The field is only valid for the term that it directly precedes, so the query

title:Do it right

Will only find “Do” in the title field. It will find “it” and “right” in the default field (in this case the text field).